Natural will change your life.

For over a century, Vi-Spring has made beds like no one else on Earth, individually crafting mattresses by hand with all natural materials.

We're glad you're finally considering joining this unique world of sleep. Find out why it's time you slept natural…


We stand for natural.

Vi-Spring looks at the world differently, and it shows. We belive that a bed is not a piece of furniture. It is a place – the haven where, for a third of your life, you go to escape, to recharge and to dream. In endless ways, life depends on how well you sleep and on how your bed makes you feel and no bed in the world can make you feel the way a Vi-Spring bed can.

Man-made materials are used everywhere these days, and the insides of beds are no exception. Each and every Vi-Spring bed is made individually, to order, by hand using exclusively natural materials. This is less easy. It’s an uncompromising approach. But when you are as uncompromising as we are, it's entirely worthwhile. It's more than worthwhile. While your Vi-Spring bed is luxurious, it is not a luxury. It's a neccessity that beds be made this way. It is the only way to create a bed that is not just supremely, sumptuously comfortable, but mindful and respectful of the planet. We are unashamed to be uncompromising in this.

In fact, the only material in a Vi-Spring mattress not made by Mother Nature is in the springs themselves. Until we find a natural alternative, six turns of high quality vanadium steel will have to do. Your bed should be something you can rely on to bring you precious, restful sleep, for years and years to come. That's the premise of a Vi-Spring.

We invite you to inspect the Vi-Spring collection for yourself at our showroom on the border of West Hollywood and Beverly Hills, located at Beverly & Robertson. We recommend that anyone thinking of buying any new bed meet with our specialists who will go over what bed features are best for your body-type in a free personal bed-fitting appointment. Until then, read on to learn more about our unique offering.


We cannot believe the difference to our health that the new Vi-Spring bed has made. The only problem we have now is that we never want to get out of it!

Ben & Leanne Loder


Vi-Spring promises that its natural beds are Profoundly Comfortable
Vi-Spring promises that its natural beds are Handmade Like No Other Beds
Vi-Spring promises that its natural beds are made from the finest organic materials
Vi-Spring promises that its natural beds are based on over a century of tradition
Vi-Spring promises that its natural beds are Guaranteed for worksmanship for life
Vi-Spring promises that its natural beds provide sleep that will change your life
Life Changing

I. Profoundly Comfortable

Experience the perfect support of specially made and selected springs, and the softness of superb fillings such as real Shetland Isle wool, silk and cashmere.

Comfort is not about softness but about support. The perfect mattress is one that cradles you, supporting you from head to toe without pressure points.

Over decades of bed-making, we have discovered the delicate art of combining the resilience of springs with the embrace of fillings to achieve truly wonderful cushioning and support.

II. Handmade Like No Other Bed

Every Vi-Spring bed is meticulously constructed by hand, to order, by men and women who have trained for years to learn their craft.

These skilled technicians will put together a unique combination of spring tension, mattress filling and fabric to create your one-of-a-kind bed.

Side-stitching by hand is a skill that takes years to master. It gives each mattress an exquisite, tailored finish. But more importantly, it gives supportive strength to the mattress edges that lesser beds need a metal rod to achieve.

It is this attention to detail that makes Vi-Spring a leader in the world of luxury beds.

III. From the Finest Natural Material

Vi-Spring uses only the finest natural materials for its beds – raw silk, warm cashmere, springy horsetail, strong coir and supple bamboo.

Vi-Spring does not use synthetic foam or glue in its mattresses, and there is generally 50% more upholstery in a Vi-Spring bed than in most other beds.

Learn more about our use of natural materials in our MADE section below.

IV. Over a Century of Tradition

Vi-Spring pioneered the pocket spring in 1901, beginning more than a century of the finest bed building.

The founding principles of quality and craftsmanship remain our guiding tenets more than 100 years later. Today Vi-Spring sets the standard for the production of sumptuous mattresses and sprung divans.

V. Guaranteed

Lifetime Gurantee

We cannot know just how many years of luxurious comfort your Vi-Spring bed will bring you. So there is only one guarantee of quality we feel we can offer you.

One that lasts a lifetime.

This means that, no matter how long you have owned your Vi-Spring bed, should you find that it fails you through faulty workmanship, we will repair or replace it. The Vi-Spring Lifetime Guarantee: for your peace of mind, it’s the least we can do.

Model Choice Assurance

The Vi-Spring Promise – that you can change your mind.

No matter how carefully you choose and specify your Vi-Spring bed, we know that the only test that really counts is the one you carry out in your own home.

We promise you this: that if, having bought your bed and tried it for at least 30 days, you decide that the spring tension you have chosen is not perfect for you, tell us within the next 60 days and we will replace your mattress with a similar one of softer or firmer tension. Certain conditions apply.

VI. Life Changing

Vi-Spring understands how to achieve a good night’s rest.

That knowledge informs every element of a Vi-Spring bed – natural fabrics that create the ideal temperature for sleep; vents that allow air to circulate through the mattress, enhancing freshness; densely packed fillings, fine fabrics and careful stitching, which maintain the highest standards of hygiene and comfort.

That sleeping in such supreme comfort is a life-changing experience is the ultimate promise of a Vi-Spring bed.

We have had Vi-Spring beds for the past 20 odd years and would sleep on no other.

Elley & Tristan Grace



Wool is recognised as one of the finest materials for bed upholstery. Wool fibres have a composition that is unique in nature and offers long-lasting structure and comfort that is unmatched by synthetic alternatives. Wool works in harmony with your body, keeping you warm in winter and cooler in summer, to enhance the quality of your rest. Wool fibres have a composition that is unique in nature and offers long-lasting structure and comfort that is unmatched by synthetic alternatives. Wool is soft and supportive and has an in-built bounce that resists pressure. These qualities, and its natural flame resistance, make it the perfect filling for mattresses and divans.

All Vi-Spring beds are made with premium 100% fleece wool. Vi-Spring sources the finest fleeces for the wool that softens and insulates its beds, only selecting wool that has been awarded Platinum Certification by the British Wool Marketing Board. It is also the only bed maker to use real Shetland Isle wool – in fact, over a quarter of the annual Shetland Isle wool clip is destined for a world-class Vi-Spring bed. Britain’s changeable climate makes wool from these isles uniquely soft, springy and strong. Vi-Spring is also the only bed manufacturer to use pure British fleece wool exclusively in the production of its beds – and the only company to use an incredible four full fleeces in a typical mattress.

Vi-Spring is a proud supporter of The Campaign for Wool, patron HRH the Prince of Wales. The company is honoured to support the smallholders, farmers and craftspeople who transform British fleece wool into one of the world’s most valued fabrics.


Horsehair has been an essential element of upholstery and bed building for centuries. Adding horsetail to a bed is like giving it two million extra springs. Vi-Spring uses only the finest horsetail for its beds – the long, silky hairs have an inherent strength and springiness that makes them the perfect filling.

Vi-Spring chooses horsehair from select sources in Europe and South America. Vi-Spring is the only bed builder to use the world’s finest Moosburger horsetail, sourced from a family-run business in Austria. The family has chosen to work with Vi-Spring exclusively, because of the uncompromising quality of its beds. Horsetail won’t break or lose its natural flexibility, and bounces back to restore the integrity of your mattress following a night’s sleep.

Our craftsmen prepare the horsetail by hand to enhance its natural springiness. The coils of horsetail are teased open by hand before being blended with other premium natural fibres, such as silk, cashmere and wool. The horsetail and other fine natural fillings are laid by hand over the bed of honeycombed pocket springs, before finishing. The result: beds with incredible breathability, softness and support.


Coir fibres are found between the husk and the outer shell of a coconut. It is thick, strong and has high abrasion resistance.


The first clip of wool sheered from lambs up to eight months old. The wool is soft and very resilient. It maintains its inherent springiness well. It has hydroscopic properties that enable it to absorb dampness or moisture without becoming wet itself.


A prized natural filament fibre produced by the silkworm; one of the oldest textile fibres in the world. For centuries silk has had a reputation as a luxurious and sensuous fabric associated with wealth and success.


A luxury fibre wool obtained from the soft fleecy undergrowth of the Kashmir goat of Tibet, Mongolia, China, Iran, Iraq and India.


The wool-like textile fibre produced as a simple fleece on Angora goats. The lustrous, long and strong hair has distinctive properties offering great durability for a long lasting product.


The common name for Linacae, a family of annual herbs. Flax is strong, and very durable. Flax twine is used for the genuine hand side-stitching.


A unicellular, natural fibre that grows in the seed pod of the cotton plant. Benefits include wicking moisture away from body during sleep.

Cotton Cambric

Tightly woven calendered 100% cotton fabric, used to prevent fibre percolation through ticking.


Bamboo is a totally natural fibre, and is produced without the use of pesticides or fertilisers. It has an exceptional natural breathability and is comfortable over a range of temperatures. It is also naturally antibacterial and antifungal, making it hygenic and healthy. Bamboo has an incredible softness not unlike cashmere.


Calico is a 100% natural product which comes from a renewable resource and is biodegradable. Cotton calico is hypoallergenic (does not irritate sensitive skin or cause allergies), absorbs water easily, dries easily and breathes. It will not cause static electricity.


All the timber inVi-Spring divans is sourced from managed sustainable sources, independently certified in accordance with internationally recognized schemes with Chain of Custody certification to demonstrate traceability.

Vanadium Steel Wire

Vanadium acts to improve spring resilience properties in steel springs and creates more consistent springing that is less likely to suffer height loss with use.

Wonderful, wonderful night’s sleep. Do you sell very powerful alarm clocks because we find it very hard to wake up in the morning now!

Kate Pufahl


The decision to choose a Vi-Spring bed is easy. Discovering the one that is right for you takes a little time.


Vi-Spring's Elite natural mattress
Vi-Spring’s entry level mattress surpasses the best offerings from most other bed manufacturers.


Vi-Spring's Elite natural mattress
More than fifteen hundred Vi-Spring six turn springs, made from fine wire offering flexibility and strength, work in harmony with British fleece wool and cotton upholstery, to provide an exceptional level of comfort.

Regal Superb

Vi-Spring's Elite natural mattress
A carefully judged blend of horsetail and British fleece wool provides the perfect balance of springiness, softness and support, underpinned by Vi-Spring’s unique six turn pocket springs.

Classic Superb

Vi-Spring's Elite natural mattress
The Vi-Spring Classic Superb is uniquely upholstered with long stranded horsetail, hand teased and laid by Vi-Spring’s craftsmen using age old skills. The result is a luxuriously soft, springy and supportive bed with a traditional feel.

Shetland Superb

Vi-Spring's Elite natural mattress
The Shetland Superb mattress is generously upholstered in pure hand teased real Shetland wool with softly needled British fleece wool. A covering of worsted wool fabric and woolen tufts finishes the mattress.

Sublime Superb

Vi-Spring's Elite natural mattress
The finest natural fillings – real Shetland Wool and British fleece wool, horsetail, silk and mohair – provide the softest covering for thousands of Vi-Spring’s unique springs, hand laid in a double layer for definitive comfort and support.


Vi-Spring's Elite natural mattress
Cashmere, real Shetland wool and horsetail provide a sumptuous level of comfort and support for an unbelievable night’s sleep.


Vi-Spring's Elite natural mattress
The Masterpiece features two layers of superbly responsive Vi-Spring nested springs; a hand teased filling of Real Shetland Wool, European long stranded horsetail, cashmere, alpaca, bamboo and cotton; and five rows of side stitching that will have taken six hours to sew by hand. The Masterpiece is shown with the Eccleston headboard. Divan and headboard are upholstered in Imperial Gold silk.

We bought a Vi-Spring bed because of the use of natural fibres and a natural cotton cover.

Daniel & Jill Bond

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